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Imported Pop Ups & Exhibition Packages (UK & EU)

We know that some customers are only interested in the lowest prices or cheapest displays for their short term requirements, or where the exactness of their display is not as important to them as just "being there". So, we offer a range of imported displays bought by us and offered without a limited lifetime warranty. We allow 2 days for inspection of these displays and any material or workmanship defect will be repaired or replaced if necessary, in return for extermemely low pricing.

This display range originates in unaudited third part factories in Asia and therefore we cannot guarantee longevity or accuracy of panel alignment. Used carefully they still offer a good lifespan and are an option for the low budget requirements that we know do exist.

The "Imported product range" does not reflect the usual business model offered by Ace Exhibitions in the UK and Europe and British American Displays in the US, which is to offer our clients top quality products, from audited manufacturers, at competitive prices backed by our vast knowledge and experience of using and distributing various display ranges has allowed us to do. All our other product ranges are backed by limited lifetime warranties.

Graphics are produced in the UK to your design specifications or we can provide design services fro an additional fee.

Premium Pop Ups (UK & EU)

Not a mongrel, compromise or hy-brid - this one is a genuine thoroughbred from a leading stable!

Magnetically attaching panel hangers for a truly fully magnetic display system. Complete abscence of "licking arms" because thsi frame really is self locking producing a stable structure all on its own. Which is why the magnetic bars fly on in a jiffy using magnets in both bars and hubs.

Magnetic bars use multi pole magnetic tape which ensures fast and easy, precise panel joints with opposite polarity panel magtape. They are not just plain steel, which does nothing to help you align the panel joints. Magnetic attachment to the frame makes them very fast to use.

Colour is used to identify the front top of the frame before you extend it into the open position. Finding out when its half way up that you have got it the wrong way round is tiresome. Getting it right first time is designed in.

Lifetime Warranty
These stands are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship, and on receipt by us from our customer of a stand which is defective in either way, it will be repaired or replaced and return shipped free. We know our customers do not need free replacements - they need no replacements needed! Try one and see for yourself  what a difference weve made to the Pop Up.



Economy Pop Ups (UK & EU)